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How to make a Deviant Coin Paper Wallet

Materials and tools   1 x A4 paper1 x Scissor1 x Glue  Optional: To improve the quality of the Paper Wallet, you can use A4 Photo Paper. Step 1   First, visit, for the online paper wallet version or Download this for offline version. We will proceed to generate our

Deviant Coin

Coinswap procedure

Step 1 Swap Bot explains process to users. Step 2 Swap Bot provides OLD wallet address for sending coins, creating a new pending transaction. Step 3 User sends OLD coins into address provided in step 2. Step 4 Swap Bot checks balance and saves transaction. Step 5 Swap Bot checks

Deviant Coin

CoinSwap Protocols

CoinSwap Protocols Deviant Coin We have decided on the Snapshot block. It will be the 303777th block. So after the snapshot block any transactions will be deemed invalid. The reward structure however will be the same as we already have many coins in circulation. The CoinSwap date will be announced

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