Week 15 – Updates ( Updated Faucet link / Whitepaper update / New exchange discussion )

[09-Jul-18 02:28 AM] Street Jammer#6383
UPDATED FAUCET http://deviantcoin.lolpool.club/

register here before using the faucet http://deviantcoin.lolpool.club/register

[11-Jul-18 01:10 AM] Akerboya#9468
Guys, this swap process was not too easy and we all had to work extra hours to get it all sorted. we are getting back to focus on the main areas that we originally started with. Yes, that includes the whitepaper. We understand that things had to take a back seat due to the swap process but end of the day, we will do what is promised. There is no doubt about that. We survived a terrible storm and that happened only with your support. We are not building stories to pump the price, we are actually working on things here. Priority was to first get a stable chain and get all the coins swapped with priority without which nothing can be built on top.

I had someone ask me “Are you not admin any more?” Well, it is my wish that I stay active all the time on discord, but there are certain things that demand attention outside that will help us run this engine in a smooth manner. I hear someone ask about one positive thing that happened with DEV in the last few weeks. Well, the biggest positive have been than we were able to successfully complete the coinswap of 80% of legit coins ( Official stats will be announced in the upcoming days). We have also taken a decision to burn 800,000 coins. All these decisions and processess take time.

You cannot delegate the swap process to 3rd parties because it is a high security process that involves individual attention to members, some of whose wallets have been rendered bad by micro transactions coming out from these exploited wallets. It is true that our original roadmap has taken a hit due to the coin swap process but there is one thing we can be sure of. We will stay relentless in completing our plans regardless of things that are thrown back at us.

[12-Jul-18 06:35 AM] NightCrawler#8378

We are moving forward with our coinburn for the amount of 800000 DEV which will be sent to an immovable address. We felt this as a crucial step to be taken, thereby dissolving the exploiters funds. Our coinswap has been successful and we immensely thank our fellow Deviant and the community for giving us the time and effort to attain this goal. Moving along, as mentioned before we are coming up with new aspects to be met by this month involving the following.

# Rain/Betting bot
#Web Wallet
#Payment gateway

The rain/betting bot has been tested by volunteers from the community and we thank them for pointing out the cons/pros involved. This will be deployed within a week (7/19/2018 UTC 13:00 PM).
Developments on the remaining will also be released with an appropriate timeframe.

The Coin burn will be carried out tomorrow with @Akerboya#9468 spearheading it and will occur within 10:00 AM UTC time tomorrow. We will be providing video proof on the same process. This burn address will be available to crosscheck by http://explorer.deviantcoin.io/ . These funds will be unspendable by all means.
We thank everyone for believing in us and the project. Let’s work together for the betterment to the crypto community. Exciting plans await ahead!

[12-Jul-18 02:38 PM] Akerboya#9468
Deviants, as promised, exploited coins worth 800000 has been burned. The burn address is dGS3tnWJksjkspXNpUSjrQYsqC95nrmDsG. You can view this from the link http://explorer.deviantcoin.io. The wallet file and the key has been rendered unspendable. This is a significant step towards securing the network after almost 2 months of continuous efforts to fight the exploited coins. Thanks to the entire community for your support during this period.

[12-Jul-18 02:39 PM] Akerboya#9468
A short video of the burn process

[13-Jul-18 07:23 AM] NightCrawler#8378
While shardax may be more within our reach, we appreciate the steps taken by the amazing community to make us listed by Kucoin. Alas,The voting process at Kucoin soon comes to an end.
Thereby we urge you for the shardax listing on priority.
We have an easy traction for winning this as we are by the second spot only by few votes.
Vote for Deviantcoin !!

We are trying to push ourselves by the top tier exchanges as well!

[16-Jul-18 04:26 PM] Street Jammer#6383
We are planning to list onto a top tier exchange considering our budget ,most importantly by an exchange in Asia.. Coinbene in this case.

We have moved to the listing phase and it takes a sweaty 20 BTC to get listed.
So, we would like to be funded on terms of a firesale on Masternode (2500 or 5000 DEV) so that we can attain the 20 BTC mark. We need to know your thoughts on this.. A Masternode will be listed with 1 BTC and half a node would be 0.5 BTC

Vote your opinion below – 24 hr window for voting


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