How to make a Deviant Coin Paper Wallet

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Materials and tools


1 x A4 paper
1 x Scissor
1 x Glue 

Optional: To improve the quality of the Paper Wallet, you can use A4 Photo Paper.

Step 1


First, visit, for the online paper wallet version or Download this for offline version. We will proceed to generate our Wallet. If we already have one, we will introduce the correct data, then proceed to download the two PDF files (Front and Back).


Step 2

After downloading the PDF files, we will proceed to select the type of paper. It is important to remember that if we use photographic paper, we must alter the type of paper for “Brilliant Photo Paper / Matte”, then proceed to print.

Step 3


This step may take a while, depending on the quality we chose. After printing, it is advisable to wait 2-3 minutes for the ink to dry.

Step 4


ATTENTION: This stage is fundamental. We need to rotate the paper horizontally, make a 360 * turn, and introduce it into the printer; the Deviant logo must be in the straight position.

Step 5


We start to cut. Remember to start with the Deviant logo side, then cut the gray lines. Do not worry if it does not turn out perfect; we can touch it at the end to our liking.

Step 6


After trimming, we continue folding the following parts, until adapting perfectly.

Step 7


Put some tail on the parts with slightly gray stripes and then fold it. Hold tight for 10 seconds, until the tail hits.



This is the final result (with photo paper). You need to keep your wallet in a safe place, and it is always advisable to make another backup.

Video tutorial

Still have doubts? Take a look at the video tutorial we have prepared.

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