Week 16 – Updates ( Poll taken on upcoming exchange / Credentials from the team to avoid scam)

[17-Jul-18 04:11 AM] NightCrawler#8378

Thought we needed an official clarification on the announcement made in our previous post. To clarify, we did not say that we “WILL” list on the mentioned exchange. It was merely a poll considering the community’s vote on whatever developments we will have, moving forward. We have taken the number of downvotes into consideration relative to upvote ratio, as, this has been an eye-opener for us. Only with the community’s support (not just delusional polls, but real ones) and inviting discussions like we had, did we get a chance to learn about the community’s preferential exchanges, such as Huobi / Bibox. We value the feedback that the community provides us because we want to make sure that our fellow Deviants only get the best, which will bring an upswing from the grief that the past month has brought us. We initially only wanted to do this listing as part of an Asian exchange drive.

We have listed applied for many major exchanges like Kraken, Bit-z, Bittrex and so on , and many more to fulfill what we had promised . Nothing more. But, they require the basic whitepaper that we had promised for so long which had been delayed due to many reasons, which we do not ask sympathy from. We promise that the Whitepaper will be released by this Month along with other updates .

We will continue working towards the betterment of the community and establish our roadmap at any cost. We had an experienced blockchain developer join our team to speedtrack things by our developments/ DEX today.
Hence please do look forward to our goals established by this month.

We will strive to work until everyone’s expectation will be fulfilled

[17-Jul-18 10:11 PM] Street Jammer#6383


[24-Jul-18 02:08 AM] NightCrawler#8378
This is revolutionary! Weak hands are no more in charge! Let’s get back to developments!

Incase many forgot, I will just rewind our main goal! A DEX which will be on BTS whereby DEV will be a base pair. Other than that, we will have a Hardware wallet whose plans will be unfolded soon which will act as a 3fa which will be the FIRST by crypto by an exchange!

Our whitepaper is incoming by this week which will put light on the DEX and the technology behind it. We can only thank the weak hands who had the courtesy to bring us to this price which is gonna attract more investors. We will only be reaching forward onto more markets and nothing is going to stop our /investors vision ahead.

[24-Jul-18 05:38 PM] Street Jammer#6383
I know lots of people complaining about the spam / notifications caused by @Betty#4875 Bot

We have two options (vote below)

[24-Jul-18 05:40 PM] Street Jammer#6383
1, Leave it like it now and let people use it inside separate channel #💰bettybot💰 (still gonna create spam and annoy people with notifications )

[24-Jul-18 05:40 PM] Street Jammer#6383
2, Create a new discord community , so only interested people can join it . (less SPAM)

[24-Jul-18 07:59 PM] NightCrawler#8378

We have been getting reports of users receiving messages from scammers using admins profile as a bait.
Hence we are releasing the official profile ID list so that you can verify if you receive such messages.

Note: We do not PM you for selling coins or Masternodes. We have also listed the discord ID for further verification as there is a vulnerability which allows scammers to even copy the profile ID.
If you are unable to see the Discord ID, goto settings–>appearance –> enable “developer mode”.

@Akerboya#9468 –> profile ending with #9468 /Discord ID – 359011575425925133

@crispdark#6447 –> profile ending with #6447 /Discord ID – 213413279257722884

@Street Jammer#6383 –> profile ending with #6383 /Discord ID – 350379126177267717

@NightCrawler#8378 –> profile ending with #8378 /Discord ID – 390207846173900801


@Jangtoo#7885 –> profile ending with #7885 /Discord ID – 396885068896927761

@Gambit#6155 –> profile ending with #6155/Discord ID – 417156839063552031

**Masternode support**

@bityoda –> profile ending with #009/Discord ID – 398803582692098062

For the goodwil of the community and others, please do not trade nor encourage anyone.Continuous offense will get yourself banned!!

Kindly do cross check the profile ID and the Discord ID if you receive any messages .


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