Week 18 – Updates ( DEVX whitepaper released / Youtube bounty / DEV book released! )

[01-Aug-18 03:27 AM] NightCrawler#8378

We are pleased to announce the release of our technical whitepaper which focuses on our primary product. The Decentralized Exchange named DEVX. We have provided a working aspect on the main concepts. For any doubts or queries, please feel free to contact directly.

Download it from https://deviantcoin.io/whitepaper.pdf

The second Whitepaper which is about the Coin will be released within the next couple of days . This will be basic and will shed light upon the coin features.

Whitepaper on our Hardware wallet is being developed and will explain the intricacy by the 3-factor-authentication paired with our DEX. A suitable timeframe will soon be established about it.

Mainly, our website is by the final deployment stages and will portray a whole new outlook which will integrate Web/Paper wallet and whole new detailed sections. Our Payment Gateway has also been completed and ready for vendors disposal. More details will soon follow.

We also have a DEV book which will explain the Coin’s happenings so far and has been composed by a well known Author by the Crypto Circles. However, it will be licensed and will be available on a pay-per-copy basis. Details will be posted by #💬general section of the community soon.


[03-Aug-18 12:51 PM] Street Jammer#6383


✅Start 03 of August until 10 of August 2018

✅YouTube Bounty Pool 10000 DEV


✅YouTube video minimum length 1.5-2min.

✅ Must include deviantcoin.io and whitepaper link in the description

✅YouTube Account minimum 1000+ real Crypto-Subscribers.

Video Reward:

✅Good quality 1080 – 150 DEV

✅Medium quality 720 – 75 DEV

✅Low quality 480 – 50 DEV

✅ Please post the youtube links in #🏅bounty Channel

[04-Aug-18 03:56 AM] NightCrawler#8378

It’s hard to see our price crashing in spite of us releasing the first part of our Whitepaper, which explains how our primary product AKA, DEVX the Decentralized exchange, functions. We get that many investors have been chasing the coin, from our brightest stage at our ATH, comparing and contrasting what brought us down to this level.

For those speculating, we have not sold our Premine, which can be seen by our explorer site. So, no.. We have not been cashing out or looking to exit scam. We have always seen the bigger picture – and it has been the brightest idea yet. For those who have had qualms about Centralized exchanges not performing or scamming users from transactions, to under-performing Decentralized exchanges, we envisioned an exchange where everyone can be anonymous, yet the values of both prevalent ideologies of an exchange can go hand-in-hand, and thereby creating a hybrid exchange. Here, all the utmost principles of an exchange of how Crypto functions will be established.

[04-Aug-18 03:56 AM] NightCrawler#8378

$DEV being our child, we gave it an ideology, and luckily we have an amazing community. We intended and still do intend to award our holders, the profits from DEVX (Our Decentralized Exchange) by way of a dividend system and an upcoming affliate program.

Not to mention, due to the the lack of access to Hardware wallets, we have had to get directly involved and disburse coins to legitimate users who had been scammed during our Coin-swap phase. It only pains us to see what an investment means, as in most situations, the investor would be at a loss without any way of being reimbursed for their losses. We understand the proper lack of not storing your relevant coins by a suitable medium and already zeroed in on a H/W wallet. We do not want to copy others inline and intend to do our own R&D phase, which is ongoing.

So, DEVX + H/W will provide 3fa (Three-factor -authentication), which is a first to the crypto community and will only enhance the security factor in our “Privacy” factor of our Coin.

We are forever indebted to our holders and well-wishers that intend to stick out the journey with us, who will see a major phase-change by the end of this year when DEVX goes live.

We feel it is the right time to release our DEV book, which will explain things from our inception to new users or users who are not educated on what we do till now. We have attached the same in here..

A big shout out to the Author Christopher P. thompson

Support him by subscribing and buying the book at https://twitter.com/MrSilverCider/status/1025342877868679168


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