Week 20 – Updates ( Major step by merchant implementation )

[15-Aug-18 12:28 AM] Street Jammer#6383

comment deviantcoin – 25 winners – 10 DEV each

[16-Aug-18 12:47 AM] NightCrawler#8378

Guys, we are privileged to announce our partnership with the esteemed Coinpayment system for Vendors to adopt $DEV with their ventures.

Deviant Coin

This enables individuals to link any business with $DEV which is not only private but secure!! We have been tracking developments by adoption and this is the first major step taken. So, Deviants, rejoice!!
We will also be opening up a #🏪merchants-dev channel which will be a private channel for partners and us to have an official communication with us regarding adoption. We will be promoting legitimate deals ourselves through our social media channels!
So, the gates have officially opened up!

Much more developments to hit this space soon!

[18-Aug-18 05:52 AM] NightCrawler#8378

Our second Q&A session ,this time with the amazing Brian Colwell (https://twitter.com/BrianDColwell?s=09) who put forward time and space to understand what we are doing! This is the second release of more interviews to come by!! You can catch the whole session by https://briandcolwell.com/2018/08/deviant-coin-the-future-of-cryptocurrency-storage-exchange/.html

Regarding team transparency as put forward by our Community,we are going by KYD(Know your developer) mode and will announce them once we are approved by them.

More wonderful news to follow..Go DEV!!!

[21-Aug-18 06:28 AM] NightCrawler#8378
Please check out #🏪merchants-dev where you can buy products legitimately using $DEV !!

We have also infiltrated the Asian market to an extent. Listed by couple of MN hosting platforms and articles on us. Our translation bounty on both whitepapers will soon be going live along with our brand new revamped website by the upcoming week!! That will cover the web/paper wallets by a brand new UI! The hype is real! And keep a look out on the growing #🏪merchants-dev channel!!

[21-Aug-18 06:47 PM] Street Jammer#6383
We would like to thank you for the amazing community growth , support and love you have been showing towards Deviantcoin!

We will continue to ensure success of the project together!!

We would like to officially announce that you will NOW be able to buy Physical Goods with DEV!!!

From Drones to Smart Electronics to Quality clothing Brands & Computer Goods and MANY MORE!

We are Happy and Excited About this Opportunity as it brings more utility and use case to the development of Deviantcoin.

Go and Shop Here: https://www.cryptoplanet.store/

DEV users have an exclusive offer of 15% OFF Your Entire Order Everyday !

Discount Code: “`#WeLoveDev“`

Imagine: Buying Drones [AND MORE] with Deviant Daily…….

Well That is Our Definition of True Crypto Utility.

Happy Shopping,

Deviant Team


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