Week 9 – Updates (Block time issue fix discussion / Masternode payment issue discussions)

[21-May-18 07:23 PM] Akerboya#9468
After the meeting today, we have received multiple proposals on github to fix the block time issue. We are analysing and doing a code review right now of all these proposals. The best proposal will be published within a day or two. Thanks for your patience everyone. Cheers.

[25-May-18 03:27 AM] Street Jammer#6383

To the Deviants, we say that where we take you will be far beyond. Keeping our coins future and your concern over staking/masternode reward fluctuations,we have opted for a hard fork. Blocktime issues and difficulty retargeting from staking will be addressed in this release.Needless to say new wallets will be released. The timeframe to achieve this would be 3-4 days, since there are couple of factors to be taken into account.
As for the sabbatical from staying from the community,we had a responsibility to find a fix first.We do take pride in saying that we have done it.There is no shame from us saying that,this phase could not have been achieved without the help of our kick-ass community.

So,next time we commence an announcement,all issues will be solved .But wait, did we mention that the whitepaper release will also be in line? The future is bright and without regrets.

Needless to say,we have addressed the exchanges to hold the wallets until an update.

Stay strong and keep your discussions healthy.

We are here 24/7 to address your concern .

[28-May-18 10:57 PM] Akerboya#9468
Aloha Deviants!!

We surely had a challenging, yet amazing week with some major developments which were mentioned in our last announcement. We DEVS, had a back breaking discussion cycle and the result of which we had a breakthrough which led to correction of two main issues which has been listed below:

1. The blocktime drift scenario
2. Irregular masternode payments.“`

We have achieved this through a hard fork which will be implemented from the block 255000 .

We are extremely concerned by the inconvenience caused to our fellow Deviants due to all of this. So,we are pleased to announce that `from the block 255000 to 256439, everyone gets double the reward for a day’s worth. i.e. for 1440 blocks!!!`

Kindly make sure all Masternodes, Staking wallets and regular wallets are updated with the new build. The new version number is“`

🌟 🌟 Please do consider this as our way of making it up to our fellow Deviants who have been wonderfully supportive!!! 🌟 🌟

We are currently updating our GitHub page on the new wallets. Currently, Linux has been compiled and is ready for release. The rest are being compiled and will be out shortly.

Below is the link for the wallets:


As far as exchange freezes are concerned, they will resume services and/or announce it. Please do understand that they have couple of protocols to be taken into account before resuming the service.

And finally, goes without saying.. HODL and meet you by the next announcement which will be of the whitepaper release!

Go DEV!! 🀘


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