Week 8 – Updates (Android App/ Twitter account PSA / New DEV art / Single click Masternode Mnitra services )

[20-Apr-18 04:04 AM] NightCrawler#8378 PSA : We are getting reports of numerous fake Twitter handles .Be wary about scammers! Our official channel is only by https://twitter.com/DeviantCoin?s=09 [20-Apr-18 01:45 PM] Street Jammer#6383 Update the Android Wallet couple of bug fixes done : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.deviantcoin.android [23-Apr-18 10:21 PM] NightCrawler#8378 Big shoutout to https://t.co/eX4Swggu2U for listing #DeviantCoin among the …

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