Week 14 – Updates ( Swap bot protocols/ Avatar bounty / Payment gateaway – Gambling Bots -Whitepaper announcement!! )

[30-Jun-18 01:42 PM] Street Jammer#6383
Crytobridge is participating in the swap , Just confirmed .

Crytobridge swap scheduled to complete by Monday

[30-Jun-18 07:19 PM] Street Jammer#6383
stop doing test transaction with the swap bot , beware : when you make the second one it will go into blacklist since you might be sending the coins from change address which is not in the snapshot . you should send all the coins at once , Second transaction from same sending address is also not allowed which will result in blacklist

It will take atleast 5 days for us to manually review the blacklist / respond . stop sending multiple PMs or email regarding blacklist , if you do it will increase your queue time

[02-Jul-18 01:38 AM] NightCrawler#8378
We are announcing weekly bounty on art / memes involving DEV mascot. The best top three would be awarded according to the following .

1st place – 150
2nd place – 100
3rd place – 50

Winners will be announced by Sunday of every week. This bounty will be applicable only for this month of July!!

Entries should be posted by #🎨avatar-bounty . Please refrain from conversations over there. Only post the content.
So, to summarize.. We will be having 4 active bounty sessions for this month involving weekly bounties for the top 3 contestants.

Refer https://github.com/Deviantcoin/gfx for sample contents.

[03-Jul-18 03:39 PM] Street Jammer#6383
CoinExchange swap completed and open now https://www.coinexchange.io/market/DEV/BTC

[03-Jul-18 08:28 PM] NightCrawler#8378

Markets are now open for the following exchanges:


http://explorer.deviantcoin.io/ is our official explorer.

[03-Jul-18 08:46 PM] NightCrawler#8378
Crypto-Bridge is about to be disabled immediately due to some technicalities. Check space when they begin functionality again.

[04-Jul-18 11:50 PM] Street Jammer#6383
New mac wallet : https://github.com/Deviantcoin/Source/releases/download/

[05-Jul-18 12:53 PM] NightCrawler#8378
We are back with Cryptopia trading . Active at https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange?market=DEV_BTC

We fell short with the new exchange listing announcement that was supposed to happen earlier. Will soon break out the news to you.

Couple more goals to be established this month.

Payment Gateway


Gambling/ Rain Bots

Insight onto the new wallet as seen by the below attachment. These are couple of screenshots onto our brand new wallet being developed.

Crypto-Bridge will also open at the earliest.

Trade responsibly

[05-Jul-18 09:30 PM] NightCrawler#8378
Crypto-Bridge is back on the menu !!

Trade DEV at


[06-Jul-18 02:13 PM] Street Jammer#6383
Deposits and withdrawals are now enabled in coinexchange

[06-Jul-18 02:54 PM] Street Jammer#6383
https://shardax.com/votes/coin?coin=Deviant%20(DEV) voteup , Give away will start once we get 300 votes 😉


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