Week 13 – Updates ( Action points for the Coinswap/ procedure / Macwallet release! )

[22-Jun-18 03:21 AM] Street Jammer#6383

Say cheese!!
we have locked down the blockchain for the upcoming swap by the 303777th block. Below are our action points relating to the Coinswap.

1) New wallets are being tested and soon will be deployed to everyone. Download it by the same pc or a different one. This will not mess up with the old wallets.

2) Clear instructions are being provided by our website at https://deviantcoin.io/coinswap-protocols/ on the things to do/avoid. Please remember that the site is still being updated.

The telegram bot would be deployed soon which is under testing phase. The day for the coinswap will be listed tomorrow.

Furthermore, we are listing down the official process on what occurs on the coinswap. The telegram bot will provide clear instructions on what needs to be done.
The protocols are listed as below :

1. Swap Bot explains process to users
2. Swap Bot provides OLD wallet address for sending coins, creating a new pending transaction
3. User sends OLD coins into address provided in step 2.
4. Swap Bot checks balance and saves transaction
5. Swap Bot checks the transaction with the snapshot taken.
6. Swap Bot messages user asking for new wallet address
7. User provides address from NEW chain
8. Next step is the section whereby Admins will manually review the requests.
9. Swap Bot sends NEW coins to address provided in step 7.

Users will have a 45 day window for swapping all the coins. The swap phase will end on the 45th day from when the process begins. Exchange wallets will be swapped on priority so as to resume trading operations at the earliest for the user’s convenience.

[23-Jun-18 06:13 PM] Street Jammer#6383

The Coinswap will start from Monday the 25th of June by GMT 18:00 hour! Wallets will be dispatched earlier by the same day!
Be sure to visit https://deviantcoin.io/news/ for new updates on coinswap protocols along with a new tutorial on swapping..

Also, the new block structure and changes on the new blockchain would be elaborated by the website and other forums we were on

Coinswap procedure

[25-Jun-18 02:03 AM] NightCrawler#8378

Some important points for the Coinswap tomorrow.

1) The Swapbot will generate a maximum of two address only. So, if you have another wallet address send the coins to the New address generated by the Swapbot.
2) Only one transaction per address. Please send all your coins even if they have been generated after the snapshot block (303777th block).The bot takes your input from the snapshot block and generates the new coins for the swap.
3) Minimum of 1 DEV can be sent. All transactions are inclusive of fees.
4) Before the coinswap, please halt your Masternodes and staking, if any.
5) Incase of any difficulties, please mail us at [email protected]

[26-Jun-18 12:46 AM] Street Jammer#6383

As promised, we are about to begin the coin-swap! We have provided the beta wallet version to selected community members who volunteered to provide feedback as part of the process. Once we get the final go-ahead from this community members, we will go live. ETA for the wallet to be available to the public will be 24 hours from now. Please go through the screenshots posted by #💬general as well as #💬off-topic for those who are eager to catch a glimpse.

The telegram swap-bot has been powered by MYCE team. We cannot thank them enough for the work completed within the timeframe.

Mentioned below are the details for the coin-swap. Please go through them and/or mail us at [email protected] with your telegram username which was used with the swap-bot.

https://t.me/deviantcoinbot is the official Deviantcoin bot.

Please see to that you have entered the correct link. Do not encourage any third party software or proceed to give your coins to anyone offering help. The DeviantCoin team will not take any responsibility in the above mentioned case.

[26-Jun-18 12:47 AM] Street Jammer#6383
Please read through https://deviantcoin.io/coinswap-procedure/ for the steps to be taken into consideration during the Coinswap process. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize on two most important things to be noted.

1) You got a limit of only two addresses. That is ONLY 1 transaction per address. Sending two transactions per address will get you blacklisted.
2) Incase you get the message that you have been “Blacklisted”, reach out to us on the support section from the bot .We will get back with our response by telegram. If you want an in-depth understanding, please reach out to us with your telegram Username by [email protected]

Goes without saying, your coins during this swap process will be safe and secure!
See you on the other side!

[26-Jun-18 12:57 AM] Street Jammer#6383


[26-Jun-18 01:14 AM] NightCrawler#8378
Now that we have moved along with the Coinswap, manual verification will be done periodically . The time frame would be 5 times a day. Starting from tomorrow,we will consolidate and let you guys know how much has been swapped on a regular basis.
The new wallets are also inline to be deployed tomorrow.For those curious souls, please look at #💬general and #💬off-topic for screenshot.

[26-Jun-18 12:56 PM] Street Jammer#6383
some people consolidating the coins now and sending it again to swap bot , this is gonna create problem


[26-Jun-18 10:38 PM] NightCrawler#8378

We have begun our wallet release!

Goto https://github.com/Deviantcoin/Source/releases/download/ for downloading the windows wallet .
Linux/ Mac wallet will be released soon.

The Coinswap will begin within 24 hours from now. All Blacklisted users are requested to contact us via mail. The regular users who are up for coin verification will be pushed first. This includes exchange wallets as well as staking pool wallets.

Updates will be pushed in here regularly. Stay tuned for more updates!

[27-Jun-18 12:55 AM] NightCrawler#8378
Linux and windows wallet for x64 has been released. goto https://github.com/Deviantcoin/Wallet

[27-Jun-18 05:31 PM] NightCrawler#8378
The swap bot had begun asking for the new wallet address.check telegram. Abracadabra !!!

[28-Jun-18 12:57 AM] NightCrawler#8378
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4555585.0 is our new bitcointalk thread . We have an ongoing translation bounty as well!

[28-Jun-18 03:17 PM] crispdark#6447
Masternode has no issues please don’t freak out, Masternodes are in queue it will enable one by one. Don’t restart your MN too it will increase your queue time.

[29-Jun-18 02:40 AM] NightCrawler#8378
We have swapped 4.2 million DEV so far! As part of the process, those who have been blacklisted also are being checked accordingly. As far as exchanges are considered, await their announcements of resuming trades.

[29-Jun-18 03:36 AM] Street Jammer#6383
Installation notes for mac users

There are some software requirents that needs to be fullfilled in order to run the mac wallet for High Sierra. Such prerequisite can be installed via brew package manager https://brew.sh/ Brew is a powerful package manager that works via command line, so you need to open your terminal:
“`/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)” “`
Once the package manager has been installed, you can install the needed libraries:
“` brew install boost“`

then download the mac wallet from here https://github.com/Deviantcoin/wallet

[29-Jun-18 06:03 PM] Street Jammer#6383


FYI: Stocks will take deposits of new coins in 1hr 😃 Peace !


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