Week 12 – Updates ( Emphasis on the Hardfork protocols for Users)

[15-Jun-18 01:04 AM] Street Jammer#6383

CryptoBridge also has enabled withdrawals. Once all the coins are gone from the orderbook,we are good to go forward with our announcement on snapshot block.

This is also a final reminder to all shared Masternode pools to enable withdrawals and disable deposits.We still are receiving reports on some of them not complying to the protocol.

Users, please take up this as a matter of concern and check by your local pools whether deposits have been frozen. Anything beyond the snapshot block will not be encouraged and will be nullified by the new chain.

[16-Jun-18 10:36 PM] Street Jammer#6383

Upon analysis, we have decided on the Snapshot block. It will be the `303777th` block.
So.after the snapshot block any transactions will be deemed invalid.
The reward structure however will be the same as we already have many coins in circulation.
The CoinSwap date will be announced when we hit the Snapshot block. Below mentioned are the protocols and info on basic guidelines.

`CoinSwap Protocols`
What is Coinswap ?

When a blockchain ports their existing tokens/coins to another blockchain, it is termed as a Coinswap. As the coins on the initial blockchain may be incompatible with the new one, it becomes necessary to initiate a swap to carry users from the old blockchain to the new one. New coin issuance to the old coin ratio will be decided by the developers. In our case, it will be 1:1.

[16-Jun-18 10:36 PM] Street Jammer#6383

Why the need for a coinswap?

The current blockchain has some irregularities which prevents us to function our DEX project smoothly.So considering the priority, we have agreed to move on to a secure codebase which will be flawless.
The new coin will have the same value and properties, furthermore, the Total Supply won’t be touched, so it’s totally safe for the market. So assuming Dave has 100 DEV, he will receive 100(new)DEV. Once the new DEV blockchain is deployed, we’ll announce the github link to official wallets in all our media channels. Step by step guide will be prepared by our official website as the date approaches.

[16-Jun-18 10:36 PM] Street Jammer#6383

How do we achieve the coinswap?

We have zeroed in on a telegram bot for the coinswap. It contains detailed steps which makes it easy for a layman to do the swap without any hassles. New wallets will be provided which can be installed by the same PC which hosts the old wallet as well.

[16-Jun-18 10:36 PM] Street Jammer#6383

“`What should the Users do?

1)Combine all your DEV coins in one single address (Includes multiple masternodes and staking wallets as well) before snapshot block of 303777 commences.

2)Install the new wallet which will be provided by the team.

3)Keep the old wallet copy (2.1.0) as well.

4)During the swap procedure, input your old wallet address which will be checked by the bot for validity on the blockchain. When prompted for the new address, generate a new address from the new wallet and input the same.


[16-Jun-18 10:36 PM] Street Jammer#6383

What not to do?

*Do remember that the Admins will not ask for your information nor will anyone from the team. Please do not request any support via PM nor provide any.

*Do not trade /buy coins of anyone.

*Do not swap coins for a third party. We will not be responsible if you lose your coins through a third party. We have not endorsed any service other than those announced through our official channels to perform coinswap.

*Do not swap coins from multiple addresses. Use one address per user.


[19-Jun-18 03:16 PM] NightCrawler#8378

Please withdraw the coins from the Android wallet to your desktop wallets. New versions of Android wallets will be deployed after the swap.

[19-Jun-18 04:28 PM] NightCrawler#8378
We are at block 300520.We still have 3257 blocks to reach the snapshot block! Roughly in about 2 days!!
Requesting all to group all your coins excluding “unknown” coins onto a single address before the snapshot block commences!


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