Deviant Coin Guidelines

Our visual language reflects our values and our community. Simple, yet diverse. Understated and timeliness, yet bold and vibrant. Here are tips for when you’re representing our brand.

Deviant Logo

We’re Deviant Coin. We’re not Coin Deviant, or deviantcoin. Just simply Deviant Coin. Find all the elements for use in the standard colors of Deviant.

Deviant Pallete

The Deviant Coin color palette is as diverse as our community—it spans the spectrum.

App Screenshots

You can also use the screens of our  application, designed to measure and with great enthusiasm.

Deviant Illustrations

Print the funniest illustrations of Deviant.

Desktop Screenshots

You can also use the screens of our Desktop Wallet UI.

Stickers & Emojis

Add the emojis and stickers on Telegram here.

Intro Video

Our imagination has no limit – Deviant has come to life!

Deviant Wallpaper

Place the 3D character of Deviant Coin on your computer – You will love it!

3D Print

Of course, we created a Deviant to print with a 3D printer.

Payment Processor

We designed two buttons to indicate that your store accepts DEV

Join Our Community​

We are available on different social media platforms. Kindly follow, like, share, and comment your views.








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