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We believe most DEX available on the market today are not fully onchain, putting the customer’s funds at risk. This is because onchain settlements are currently painstakingly slow, even though speed has increased drastically. We will explore the use of new technologies like hashgraph to handle order execution prior to any queued smart contracts that need to run on their respective blockchain. Our hardware wallet will seamlessly sync with the customer account, making sure that tokens are unlocked only after authentication. Although this step has the limitation of orders getting processed only if the hardware wallet is plugged in and online, all tokens that support smart contracts will not have this problem.


We intend to use DEV as the only means of exchange for all our services. This will subsequently drive demand in an open market. We will set aside a fixed percentage of all transaction fees on DEVX to the Deviant community. We may utilise smart contracts to lock the funds using a supported chain like Ethereum. This will make sure that the DEV holders will essentially receive ongoing dividends as the business progresses.

We will apply the same principle in all our services as we believe that building and rewarding the community is essential to drive demand for the DEV tokens.

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