Week 38 – Update about our DevX exchange / Voting proposal with BTS (Bitshares Community)

Aloha Deviants!!
On behalf of the Deviant team, we would like to wish all our community members a very happy new year!!

Before we delve into the things that we have launched in the past few weeks, we would like to give everybody an update regarding the status of the exchange and the progress we have made so far.

We would like to inform you that the BSIP-57 (the worker proposal partnered up with the Bitshares platform) is now on-chain and up for voting, the proposal id is 1.14.150 .

The proposal is currently visible in the BitShares UI (wallet.bitshares.org) and on the website of the BBF https://www.bitshares.foundation/workers/2019-01-bsip57

The next phase is getting maximum votes as possible to get the feature adopted for the upcoming release. If any of our members are part of the BitShares team kindly participate and cast your vote and get as much support as possible on this new feature.
The new feature set or the improvement protocol will go live along with the release planned on the BitShares main chain on May 2019. Those who have access to the voting , please make the move right away in voting us!

Having said that, the development is already underway and we are planning to give out the initial beta versions for testing by the end of February. This will run on a private network and members will have access to it for suggestions if any.
Will follow up with more updates now that we have gotten the ball rolling!!

We have some great news about the DevX app which will be released consecutively by the upcoming days!!

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