Week 29 – Updates ( DeviantX Beta version for Android released to the community / Instructions for Zdev released to the community)

[08-Nov-18 03:09 AM] NightCrawler#8378
We are releasing the Beta version for the Deviant X Multi-wallet for Android to the Community. You can access the link at Please check out our wallet by https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/509838348563644426/509848665922207744/DeviantX.apk

For suggestions/general talk, we have opened a separate category. Please do utilize it for discussions related to the Beta wallet.

Instructions for old Zdev conversion/disbursal will soon be announced here. Stay tuned! Go DEV!

[09-Nov-18 01:43 AM] NightCrawler#8378

This is regarding disbursal of zDEV to those users who have them locked up. The guide for swapping those zDEV can be found from the below mentioned link :


__**Disclaimer ::**__

1) The support team will not contact you directly. If you need additional info or support, please write a Private Message to the support team, via Discord, Telegram, or contact them at [email protected] Do not write in public chat in order to avoid attracting attention from scammers.
2) Do not share your info with anyone. Just use it to fill the criteria in the e-mail.
3) Keep in mind, that if you share your zdevseed with a scammer and he claims the balance before you do, he will be the owner of the balance.
4) The window for zDEV conversion will valid for 15 days from now.


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