Week 28 – Updates (Zdev disbursal announcements to the community)

[01-Nov-18 06:33 AM] NightCrawler#8378

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Let’s win the final round and get to the grand throne !! Deviants ,are you ready??

[06-Nov-18 04:46 AM] NightCrawler#8378

Well done Deviants on getting through #Masternodemebro18 at the second place. you can see the statistic by https://twitter.com/Kristen_Colwell/status/1059568752797212672

We are getting on a global level even levelling major competitors. We at the Deviant HQ have always believed by the community and have tried to get more high ground when it comes to terms such as Merchant adoption,new platforms, what’s needed to put our coin on a global map. The future is really bright!

So without much ado, our DeviantX wallet will be releasing shortly to the community first and we have been already getting much propositions from the Crypto-space.

Regarding Deviants who had been patiently awaiting announcements for spending all those old zDEV which has been locked, I will be giving instructions tomorrow . New wallet update will be having new functional changes along with spendable zDEV which will be generated. The block number will also be disbursed shortly wherein changes would occur. Newsletter system to be incorporated by the website too!!

[07-Nov-18 02:24 AM] NightCrawler#8378

As mentioned earlier by the previous announcement, we are moving forward with disbursals related to Zdev to the users who have them locked for so many days. All they have to do is sign an encrypted message with their Zdev balance and get back to us by our contact mail.Instructions will be provided lately by EOD.
New wallet update has been successfully tested by us and new zDEV which will be generated will further be spendable. Announcement on that wallet update and it’s relevant block number will also be announced accordingly.

Regarding DeviantX wallet, we will be releasing the Beta version shortly to our Investors already on board/selected users by the Community. Exciting times ahead!!

We are also participating by https://www.paycc.io/Coin_Voting for getting us listed by their Payment Gateway. Do vote for us to get us implemented!


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