Week 27 – Updates ( DeviantX multi wallet Announcement /Telegram gambling bot Announcement/ #Masternodemebro final status )

[23-Oct-18 01:09 AM] NightCrawler#8378

Hello Deviants! We are pleased to inform you on an upcoming product release which is a multi-asset wallet, branded *** DeviantX ***. Details follows after a burning issue to be addressed.

__***Regarding the zdev bug***__:
We have an update regarding the zdev bug. We have already fixed the auto-minting bug associated with our wallet. New wallet release date will be announced this week. This will correct a functional change from our end and new zdev coins generated will be spendable once everyone moves over to the new wallet.
We have a problem with users who already hold zdev. Those coins may remain un-spendable so they will be compensated with freshly minted coins from our premine wallets. We will be disbursing coins to them after validation from our end. The updates on this process will also be announced this week!

[23-Oct-18 01:09 AM] NightCrawler#8378
__***Deviant X***__:
The release will be compatible with all the platforms such as Android/ iOS / Mac and Windows. Beta wallet for Android/iOS will be released by the ***November 6th***. Mac and Windows wallet development is ongoing! This multi asset-wallet will be able to add coins of your choice and it will have Changelly and Shapeshift services for those coins already under their portfolio.
Our coin holders have good news! We are pleased to inform that ***$DEV holders will receive bounty rewards from other coins which will be added to our platform.*** We have released the beta version of the wallet to some of our members and aim to release the same for community testing by November 6th as mentioned.
We will begin Voting process for other coin/token addition and have already begun the phase!
__***Fees for listing other coins will be by DEV and we leave the amount for the community to be discussed upon. ***__

You can view the APP screens at https://xd.adobe.com/view/41eacd5f-693c-4cd1-4701-90ecef5e572c-37db/screen/979e8908-7ee4-431a-9587-73afffba9486/Card-Active

__***Deviant telegram Betty bot release ::***__
We are pleased to announce that the Betty bot has also been started for the telegram community as well. Everyone can access the Bot via https://t.me/deviant_betty_bot and the community via https://t.me/BettyDEV

[27-Oct-18 11:40 AM] NightCrawler#8378
We are through to the final competition of #masternodmebro18.

You can see the full list of winners by http://masternodemebro.com/event-5-winners/
More developments and news to hit shortly!


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