Week 26 – Updates ( Initiation for users/ investors to communicate with the developers directly )

[13-Oct-18 11:16 PM] NightCrawler#8378
Please don’t hesitate to ping us up directly to know about developments rather, a half baked answer from someone. Contact @NightCrawler#8378 / @Street Jammer#6383 / @Akerboya#9468 / @crispdark#6447 for any queries.

If you do not receive an answer,there is always someone from the core team to respond.

[16-Oct-18 03:43 AM] NightCrawler#8378
Since the last announcement, we are having legit investors directly messaging and ask us for doubts on our platform. Please do not spam by #general but, do take time to question us directly.

Please do give 12 hours for us to get back.If not, you can always contact our Sentinel group.

We know tension is high. This will not stop our progress and our work moving forward. We will aim to provide what we have promised as we always do.


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