Week 25 – Updates ( Website redisgn / Semi-final stages of #Masternodemebro competition / New FAQ section by the discord community )

[29-Sep-18 03:34 AM] NightCrawler#8378
Please check out our Re-designed website.. We are still en-route to implement FAQ and some sections of the site! Hope you guys enjoy the new look!

[29-Sep-18 03:56 PM] NightCrawler#8378
@ One more stage is all it takes to reach the finals of #Masternodemebro18!! Participate by voting us at https://twitter.com/Kristen_Colwell/status/1045718912908709888?s=09 !

[01-Oct-18 04:31 PM] Akerboya#9468
@ Dear people,

What a fantastic week the team had in Amsterdam. In the course of a few days, the gloom of the rains gave way to glorious sunshine. Great atmosphere, amazing speakers and very thoughtful subjects for discussion. This announcement was long due but the matter was kept on hold due to a wallet update issue. Regarding the progress of development, we initially planned to take control of user wallets with multi signature alone, however, to improve functionality the DEVTP layer is being extended further to handle the escrow mechanism of getting control of user funds. We had a great conversation with the bitshares core committee regarding some of the changes we may need, in order to improve the integration of our platform with the bitshares system. It’s a fantastic innovation awaiting release.

[01-Oct-18 04:34 PM] Akerboya#9468
@ For all the naysayers, if it doesn’t happen within a specific time frame, we may need to go ahead and fork the main chain in order to have our system works as intended. The good news is that it may well not be needed. The response from the committee and the devs were encouraging so far. They have asked us to submit a worker proposal that explains the functionality and how it will improve the ecosystem of decentralized exchanges so far. The devs are working actively to put the spec together for submission. We will keep all of you informed when we submit the spec to the core committee. The expected time of submission is one month. Regarding the zdev issue and the issue with skewed reward distribution system, we have come up with two solutions. One that doesn’t require a hard fork, the other that require a hard fork. We are right now trying to see how this can be rolled out in the coming weeks while we work on getting the specs outlined for DEX integration with bitshares.

[01-Oct-18 04:34 PM] Akerboya#9468
If you go to our GitHub repository, you may well find the other straight forward changes we made in the last few months. They are waiting to be rolled out, except they are kept on hold due to the two issues that has popped up recently. We don’t want to release a handicapped version, but rather wait for those fixes too rolled out, before announcing the final release. Thank you for your patience.

[07-Oct-18 02:44 AM] NightCrawler#8378
A new FAQ channel has been opened where you can ask questions and receive answers from us. Please keep the content spam free and to the point.


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