Week 23 – Updates ( more merchant addition )

[09-Sep-18 01:00 AM] NightCrawler#8378
We are by the way thrashing big players such as Digibyte when coming to online polls. A big thank you for whoever voted by the poll mentioned earlier.

[11-Sep-18 03:18 AM] NightCrawler#8378
Thank you for the vote of confidence! We have won the vote by @WorldCryptoShop’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/WorldCryptoShop/status/1039263522427940864?s=09

We will be be implemented by their store soon enough!!

[12-Sep-18 03:16 AM] NightCrawler#8378
Let’s rock Votes on Monkey project, DEV already far ahead, what a fantastic community! Thanks @LaFronde#5079 for the initiation.

[14-Sep-18 11:14 PM] NightCrawler#8378
Thank you @Blackbeard#9921 !! We had a great time and the community is indeed grateful for the interview!

Guys, you can see the full content by the tweet mentioned below.

[15-Sep-18 12:44 AM] NightCrawler#8378

Thank you for your precious votes!! We are now live by the Monk app!!

Check out @MONKEYPROJECT_’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MONKEYPROJECT_/status/1040678814932770817?s=09

[16-Sep-18 03:02 AM] NightCrawler#8378
⚠ ⚠ ⚠ PSA – Please be aware that the Crypto-bridge app by the Android play store is not the official app and will steal your keys! Please be careful on sources such as these and do your research before using them! ⚠ ⚠ ⚠


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