Week 17 – Updates ( Betty – Gambling bot announcement )

[25-Jul-18 04:51 PM] NightCrawler#8378

Common diminutive of Elizabeth, Miss Betty Deviant is known as a generous, but also playful bot.
It can rain, soak and you can also bet DEV coins! Try to challenge the King or the Queen and earn the throne cashing all DEV spent to oust you out!
You’ll find all the commands listed below and also in ##💰bettybot💰 typing .help
## General
.help – shows this info
.invite – get an invite link for the bot and the official bot server
.stats – get to know your status on rain/soak
.balance – show your balance
.donate [amount] – donate an amount of DEV to the megasoak pot
.block – check which block Deviant is on
.hash [hash] – check a hash for legitimacy
.withdraw [address] [amount] – withdraw DEV, 0.1 DEV fee for withdrawing
.deposit – get your deposit address
.send [@user] [amount] – send a user some DEV
.tip [@user] [amount] – tip a user some DEV
.pay [@user] [amount] – pay a user some DEV
.soakall – soaks all donated money
.soak [amount] – soak DEV over online users
.rain [amount] – rain DEV over active users
.togglecommands – toggle commands
.prefix [prefix] – set the guild prefix
## Gaming
.bet [amount] – bet an amount of money
.jackpot [amount] – enter the jackpot!
.king – see who the king is and get a brief explanation on the game!
.challengeking – Challenge the king! (100 DEV pvp game)
.queen – see who the queen is and get a brief explanation on the game!
.challengequeen – challenge the queen! (25 DEV pvp game)
.selfban – if you feel that you have a gambling problem, you can ban yourself from gambling with this bot
Note about selfban: if you want, you can ban yourself from the bot as explained above, just type (DOT)selfban and you’ll be out. Warning, this ban is not revocable.
Now, you don’t know how it works? That’s simple, go to that same channel and watch others having fun receiving or betting some DEV.
Let’s welcome Betty in Deviant community and good luck!

#bettybot (.help for commands)

[25-Jul-18 09:59 PM] NightCrawler#8378
Vote for us at https://www.cryptaldash.com/new-coin-listing/deviant

[27-Jul-18 06:21 PM] NightCrawler#8378
Our window for coin swap will end by 5th of August.Just a friendly reminder.

Our Whitepaper is by the final design stages and will provide the rest of the developments too.


Our current website will also be revamped by the timeframe.


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