Mandatory Wallet Update – v4.0.0.0

Dear all,

The much awaited wallet release of the deviant coin is ready. For the last few months the entire team at deviant have been working tirelessly to bring about this new release, addressing the issues faced by the community. First and foremost the zdev issue is finally fixed in the new release. All the newly minted coins will be spendable. For all those who have their coins lost by fiddling with the zerocoin protocol will have their coins replaced from the premine. This process is already almost complete and if anyone has not been able to participate in that kindly contact the admins.

Please note that the new wallet update is mandatory and the protocol adoption is necessary for the new changes to kick in. Therefore, we urge the entire community to support and pass on the message to your colleagues and friends to make sure this release is a huge success.

Wallet update can be found by and as said by a mandatory one, we urge everyone to move over to the new wallet ASAP.

Bugs Fixed
    1. Zdev Spendability
    2. Staking Bug

Masternodes Update

To update a running masternode:



to install a masternode with a new wallet:

Along with this release, we would also like to update you regarding the development of the decentralized exchange. Our development team has already put up a technical proposal to the Bitshares team and we are eagerly awaiting the adoption of set of features that we have put forward. So far the response has been very very positive. If things go well the new feature proposal will be rolled out in the half yearly release schedule for May 2019. However, the development will keep going as planned and the testnet for the new exchange is scheduled to be up and running by February 2019.

The  entire community will then be able to take part in the testing and feedback cycle that will happen from the beginning of next year. We are also planning to give out and update the existing white paper based on the changes that we have received during the technical proposal submission that happened last month. This is scheduled for January 2019.

On a side note, we also wanted to update everyone that finally our bank account has been officially opened in Cyprus. The entire regulatory process for getting this approval took more than 3 months. We are also engaging with a very large exchange in the US to give us access to liquidity for the development to continue through next year. This will make our operations a little more streamlined.

While all this is happening we understand that the Crypto market has slipped into bear zone. Just like everyone, we also have been affected due to the lack of liquidity in the available markets. But we would like to ensure all our supporters that we will not be bogged down by this, and we will continue to focus on the road map and development. We are hoping for an exciting year ahead. On behalf of the entire development team at deviant we would like to wish the entire community a wonderful festival season ahead.


Deviant Team


© 2018 Deviant Foundation

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