Week 30 – Updates ( New exchange- Bitker Announcement / Zdev disbursal status)

[12-Nov-18 06:49 PM] NightCrawler#8378 Finally,a new exchange!! We will shortly be listed by BITKER soon ! We will announce the official link shortly!! Check out @Bitker1’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Bitker1/status/1062167093510987776?s=09 https://medium.com/@bitker/deviantcoin-dev-will-be-listed-bitker-a1a230450820 [13-Nov-18 01:09 PM] NightCrawler#8378 We are open and live at BITKER!! Trades open at https://www.bitker.com/#/bbTrades/dev_btc [18-Nov-18 12:09 AM] Street Jammer#6383 We have begun disbursing zDEV back …

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